“As an Artist I aim to captivate and help people through times of great joy and also through times of adversity with the use of bright colours that are aesthetically pleasing and soothing to the mind and soul.” - Chantelle Hicks

Welcome to By Jove Creative!


I’m Chantelle

An artist, an empath and founder of By Jove Creative. Through this business you can shop art, learn art and feel the process of art. We offer a range of art programs for all ages at all skill levels including masters, 1:1 mentoring and art therapy.

I’m a down to earth girl with a lot of passion and a paintbrush (despite my childhood dreams of becoming a popstar).

I fell in love with the magic of creating and discovered how to use the creative process as an opportunity for experimentation, exploration, and discovery, moving beyond limits, finding inner resources, and realising my true potential for change and growth.

During a long and messy affair with art, I felt called to support people and enhance their quality of life, By Jove Creative started on canvas, dabbled in ceramics and homewares, jewellery making, writing poetry and expanded to therapeutic art practice.

I draw inspiration from many places, especially during meditation, by observing nature, through my experiences and vivid dreams.

I am a trained in Art Therapy and Creative Arts.  

My work has constantly evolved with time and experience. I love to deliver incredible and unique art pieces from the heart and teach others how to lead with their heart also.  

Perhaps like yours, my journey has been challenging, I started my life over and transformed through the healing of art and creation.

I am so excited to share this journey with you.

All of the colours 🌈,

By Jove,

Chantelle x