Cleansing Bundles
Cleansing Bundles

Cleansing Bundles

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Bundles of plants! Beautiful flowers! Even better benefits!
These cleansing bundles have been created with sustainable organic flora grown in the countryside of South West Victoria. Each plant is
intuitively selected before being bundled together, filled with loving intent and undergoing a cleansing with Tibetan singing bowls. This process ensures these bundles are filled with all the good vibes you’ve been searching for! These loving bundles are ideal for cleansing your house, yourself, your space and your crystals. 
Each bundle consists of a Eucalyptus, Acacia, Lavender, Rosemary and Tea Tree base for all the best benefits. The bundles are then adorned with a variety of seasonal flowers such as Bush Peas, Coastal Tea Tree, Acacia, Lavender, Rose, Lilac and Bottlebrush. You will also notice a beautiful crystal to help aid you in the process of bringing positivity and light into your space.
Acacia – invokes creativity, vitality and joy
Eucalyptus – cleansing, protection, purification, prosperity, energising
Lavender – purification, promotes relaxation, tranquillity and peace
Rosemary – aids in purification and space setting, allows energy to flow freely
Tea Tree – antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, balance, trust, clarity

Before using take a couple of minutes to breath deeply and centre yourself. Feel the sound of the Tibetan Singing bowls from your bundle travelling into your aura, helping to ensure you relax your body and release any tension. Begin to welcome the properties of the plants into your energy and space as you set the intent of your cleansing session. This process will help amplify the energetic properties of the bundle and enhance your experience and its effects.

Light the end of your bundle so that it is smouldering gently without any flames, you may need to blow gently on the end to encourage it to get started. Now you’re set! Proceed to wave your smoking bundle throughout your space, your energy field or over your crystals. Whilst doing so continue to set your intent and invision the negative lower vibrations being cleansed and removed as your go. When finished with your bundle ensure it is stubbed out and no longer burning. Never leave a smouldering bundle unattended!

*please note each bundle varies depending on the seasonal availabilty of flowers*